August 2022 OpenSesame Plus Publishers

OpenSesame Plus, leaders of the Saas eLearning industry, are proud to announce a new learning partnership with Healthy Minds. Healthy Minds expertise includes mental health, HR compliance, leadership, and ethics.  This learning partnership with OpenSesame Plus will give organizations complete access to Healthy Minds’ vast library of wellness training and resources. 

Healthy Minds was launched in 2014, by the esteemed neuroscientist Dr. Richard Davidson. Through training, mindfulness practices, and other guided activities Healthy Minds offers a variety of learning materials in helping employees improve how they feel. 

“Self-care and bettering well-being are so important and often get overlooked in the workplace. Healthy Minds’ training helps your team members to be healthier and happier.”

Spencer Thornton, Vice President of Curation, OpenSesame

Healthy Minds adds to OpenSesame Plus’ already wide range of courses and training, offering you and your team up-to-date wellness eLearning in whatever you need to know.

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