Author: Abrar Haque

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Never, Ever Stop Learning; The Key to Personal Improvement

For most Americans, the thought of learning evokes memories of never-ending lessons, arduous exams, and the occasional blissful nap in the back of a classroom. While we’re in school, we pine for our first taste of freedom in the mystifying “real world.” Once we receive our elusive diploma, we sprint away from learning and vow… Read more »

See, Listen and Experience: Why eLearning is Perfect for Everyone

If you’ve ever been in a classroom, you’ve likely been asked about your preferred “learning style.” In general, there are three main types of “learners”: the visual learner, the auditory learner, and the tactile-kinesthetic learner. In a normal classroom setting, it’s almost impossible to cater to all three learning styles; however, in an elearning setting,… Read more »