Author: Agnes Herba

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sexual harassment state training requirements

2019 State-specific sexual harassment training requirements (United States)

Sexual harassment affects more than just the employees involved—it affects your entire organization. Besides causing emotional duress and decreased performance, lawsuits resulting from sexual harassment are stressful and expensive. Sexual harassment prevention training can help build awareness as well as provide guidelines on what to do when encountering these situations. Not only is it the… Read more »

Improving how you find the elearning courses you need

Get the right training to your learners faster. Over the past year, we’ve been busy creating tools to make your day easier, your job simplified, and your training program energized. If you’ve kept up with our blog or checked out the OpenSesame Community, you may already be familiar with OpenSesame Smart Lists and Smart Groups,… Read more »

Increase compliance training completion rates with new WILL Interactive courses

Ensure a happy workplace and prevent costly incidents. While many regard compliance training as a required aspect of employment, we all know how important it is in aiding awareness, knowledge, and positive actions that contribute to a harmonious work environment. Sexual harassment prevention training, specifically, is quickly growing to be one of the most important—and… Read more »