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Why You Should Give Change a Fighting Chance

Change. It’s that big scary monster looming on the horizon, and when it comes around things are strange and different. Too often people fight change, whether it be in their personal lives, work lives, their country, or the world. Changes in thought or procedure run into resistance more often than not. When change comes around,… Read more »

Stay Safe Online: Cyber Security for Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday, following on the coat-tails of Black Friday, is the year’s biggest online shopping day. On this anticipated day, all around the US people will be buying clothes, electronics, and gifts from a variety of websites—some less legitimate than other. Unfortunately this means that there are elevated risks of fraud and cyber attacks. For… Read more »

Head to Head: Interactive vs Multiple Choice Quizzes

This is the fifth and final post in our new Head to Head series where we compare and contrast a variety of topics! Don’t miss eLearning Versus mLearning, Microsoft Word vs Google Docs vs LibreOffice, State vs Private Colleges, and Collaboration vs Competition! People learn in a multitude of ways, and elearning is a field that is extremely… Read more »

Tips (and Inspiration!) to Simplify Your Life

Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. -Confucius We all strive for a simpler life. There are numerous articles, advice books, tv spots, etc. sharing ideas, techniques, and secrets about how to simplify your life. That doesn’t mean people actually take advantage of any of these tools or strategies. So, to get… Read more »