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Course of the Week Highlight: Simplify Your Life

Life is a balancing act. Balancing work, a social life, eating right, working out, alone time, hobbies, and a multitude of other things you want to do can seem pretty close to impossible. There are give and takes you have to handle everyday. Sometimes work has to come before a social life and hobbies before… Read more »

4 Unbeatable Solutions for Retail Customer Service

You are doomed to face conflict. It sounds harsh, but it is the unfortunate reality for those working in customer service. No matter how excellent you are at your job, someone at some point is going to direct their anger toward you. The customer is not in fact always right and the responsibility for breaking… Read more »

The Psychology of eLearning: What Makes eLearning Memorable?

The first post in our psychology series discussed the psychology of storytelling. Storytelling is an extremely useful tool for learning and memory and is one of the many different techniques used in elearning. Stories, pictures, experiences; these are the things we remember. You can sit in a formal training environment all day long, and chances… Read more »

Course of the Week: When Disaster Strikes, Be Prepared

Are you ready for an emergency situation? Disaster education and emergency preparedness are critical, no matter your industry. Despite the seriousness of these situations, these areas are often overlooked, resulting in lawsuits, fines, and even employee injury and death. Every industry—from construction, to business, to healthcare— is faced with risks that can be prevented or… Read more »

Signing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964

Modern Civil Rights Debates: What They Mean for HR

Civil rights is an ever changing concept. Since the very founding of our country, this movement, or series of movements, has been a foundation on which people raise their flags and rally. As society is ever evolving, so is our definition of civil rights. 50 years ago tomorrow the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was… Read more »

Turn Chaos Into Order

Course of Week: Achieving Productivity

Do you ever have days where you stare blankly at a computer screen for hours and never feel like you got anything done? We’ve all been there. Sometimes it feels as if no matter how much time you spend preparing a presentation, writing an email, or sorting through data, you are never going to get… Read more »

10 Most-Cited Safety Violations and 5 Ways to Avoid Them

A shock, a fall, a burn; these represent a small number of the injuries possible in day-to-day life. Without proper precautions, these injuries and more can happen to employees in the workplace. When these accidents happen, employees suffer work-related injuries, and your company faces the risk of medical bills and lawsuits. Things do happen, but… Read more »