Author: Cindy Pascale

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Learning Resolutions: Help Companies Deliver Their 70:20:10 Strategy

If you ask most HR, Training & Development, OD, and Talent Management leaders, they will be familiar with these statistics: 70:20:10 which means: 70% of development happens on the job 20% of development happens through coaching and mentoring 10% of development happens through formal training which includes instructor led workshops and elearning courseware The first… Read more »

Promote From Within (Successfully!)

Many companies have a policy to promote from within, and they usually establish a goal for how many leadership positions will be filled by internal candidates. That is great for employee engagement and retention—until the new leader stumbles and does not perform at the expected level. Consider this fact: 40% of new managers fail within… Read more »

Ice Cream Sundae

How to Create the Perfect Dairy Queen Swirl

As a teenager, my first job was working at a Dairy Queen making ice cream cones, sundaes and shakes. On my first day, my manager showed me how to make the famous DQ swirl that sits on top of all DQ cones. First, he showed me how to make a cone, identifying all the minor… Read more »