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The Truth About Competency Assessments

An effective competency assessment can provide valuable insight that helps an organization direct their learning & development activities, formulate individual coaching & learning plans, inform selection interviewing questions and refine job role descriptions- to name a few outcomes. Unfortunately most participants view assessments in the same light as they might a colonoscopy- necessary but incredibly… Read more »

How to Guarantee your Learning Program's Breakthrough

Imagine this scenario- you are at your physician’s office for your annual physical exam.  You begin the meeting with your doctor by describing some of the symptoms that your believe are creating the headaches you have been experiencing.  How would you react if based solely on the description of the symptoms you provide the doctor,… Read more »

When Less Learning Is Really More

Does this description sound familiar?  Your organization’s learning solutions/programs have long cycle-times to define and execute & significant expense or disruption while providing limited ability to measure Return of Investment (ROI) or business impact. Replace ‘learning solutions’ in the sentence above with the title of any ‘program’ and the reaction from leadership would be the… Read more »