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What Sports Can Teach Us About eLearning

There’s nothing like going to an exciting sports event; the crowd is cheering, families are sharing soft pretzels and buckets of popcorn, and the stadium is smattered with various colored jerseys from each opposing team. Why do fans stick around so long? Because watching the game and the whole experience is fun! Your elearning can… Read more »

Productive Failure: Why Failing Can be The Ticket to Success

Though Thomas Edison failed thousands of times, he cleverly noted:  “I didn’t fail, I just found 10,000 ways that don’t work.” Students today may not have the same mindset as Edison, since we are often taught that failure is bad from our earliest educational experiences. The grading system in K-12 education clearly reflects that we… Read more »

How to Create an eLearning Culture

Offices have changed dramatically over the last few decades. No longer do we picture smoky conference rooms and men walking around in suits as in the days of Mad Men. Nowadays, workers are often inspired by fantasies of standing desks, glass walls, free laundry, and slides between levels if they’re lucky. Instead of finding information… Read more »

Hacks For Dealing With A Bad Boss

Whether you’ve had one or you’ve been there to hear someone vent about one, a bad boss can affect your life both in and out of the workplace. Sometimes it’s easy to feel responsible if your boss isn’t the most friendly, but a bad boss can come in many forms that may be hard to… Read more »

How To Ace The Informational Interview

Interviewing is no longer just for active job-seekers. While scouring the job market for a future full-time position, people often forget the value of the informational interview, especially for someone undecided about a field or unconfident about their resume. Though the informational interview won’t directly land a job, it certainly will help advance any job… Read more »

Sexual Harassment Training Requirements By State

Update: Read our new blog post with 2019 US state-specific sexual harassment prevention training requirement updates.  Sexual harassment hurts everyone. It has obvious effects on the victim: physical and emotional distress, isolation from coworkers, and decreased performance. However, it also poses a threat to businesses. Sexual harassment lawsuits are stressful and expensive. It is essential… Read more »

How Design Principles Can Revolutionize Training

The average user leaves a web page in about 10-20 seconds (Nielsen/Norman Group). As I’m writing this, my browser history shows that I’ve visited 18 unique pages in the last five minutes, and that’s on the generous side. In the short period that a user first visits a page, she quickly determines whether the page… Read more »