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The Science of Happiness in the Workplace

Everyone wants to be happy. There are countless ideas about what happiness is and how we can get more of it. Experts are now talking about the idea of “the science of happiness,” which suggests that we can identify exactly what it takes to be happy and then simply do just that. As “the science… Read more »

Educating Caregivers for National Patient Safety Awareness Week

  This week, we’re celebrating Patient Safety Week! We’ve all had that one (or more) sub-optimal experience at the doctor’s office. Whether it’s a general doctor, a surgeon, or your dentist trying to ask you about your week while probing around in your mouth, there’s no question that some practices are clearly more safe and… Read more »

5 Reasons to Get Started with Office 365

So you’re planning a vacation, but a pressing project comes up with a deadline the week after. You’re up to your ears in work and don’t know when you’ll find the time to care of everything on your to-do list. Don’t panic—Office 365 is here to help! Just a few decades ago, you probably would… Read more »

Learn a New Skill: Master Google Search

You thought you could find anything almost instantaneously with the internet? Think again! Not that finding information is outrageously difficult, but learning to search for information quickly and effectively takes skill. As we increasingly rely on search engines like Google to find information and tackle projects, learning the tricks of the trade can be invaluable.… Read more »

Key Takeaways from ATD's 2014 State of the Industry Report

As we progress through an increasingly tech-based millennium, online learning is continuing to become a more prominent part of employee training and education. According to ATD’s 2014 State of the Industry Report, online training accounted for more than a third of the total employee learning hours documented in the last year. ATD’s 2014 State of… Read more »

Head to Head: Collaboration vs Competition

This is the fourth post in our new Head to Head series where we compare and contrast a variety of topics! Don’t miss eLearning Versus mLearning, Microsoft Word vs Google Docs vs LibreOffice, State vs Private Colleges, and be sure to check back for the next post! In nature, competition is everywhere. Organisms must compete… Read more »

How Online Courses Are Changing the World

Who’s that young college student standing on the sidewalk of New York sporting a Columbia University t-shirt? He is obviously intelligent and clean cut; he could be a classmate from back in elementary school or maybe someone you played with on the soccer team growing up. Not quite. When interviewed by Humans of New York,… Read more »

StrengthsFinder 2.0—The OpenSesame Experience

Have you ever worked tirelessly to excel at something, only to be surpassed by someone else who does not even have to try? Maybe you put all your effort and weeks of practice into a sports play or a project at work. The bottom line is that some people are just better at certain things… Read more »