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Potato Salad

OOPSortunity: When Accidents Create Success

Zack Brown’s Potato Salad Kickstarter campaign got a lot more buzz than he originally intended. His goal of $10 seemed like pocket change after only a short time online when investors began pouring in dollars and support. Within a few days, he had already raised $5,000 from 850 backers, and he eventually saw a total… Read more »

Top 3 Tips for the Business Side of Manufacturing

Working in manufacturing doesn’t mean you’re just dealing with materials all day long. Like any other business, manufacturing companies require the cooperation of many departments in order to be successful. We often don’t consider these other departments when we think of manufacturing. However, these companies involve a complicated organizational infrastructure and a comprehensive sales side.… Read more »

E-Waste: The Dark Side of Manufacturing

We live in an era where technology advances faster than our lawns grow. If you have heard about the iPhone 6, or the 5, or the 4, etc. you’re no stranger to the fact fancy new tech products come out every single year. But where does all the old stuff go? Chances are you didn’t… Read more »

Celebrate Independence Day With DIY Web Design

Fireworks have become almost as American as apple pie. On July 4th, families flock to parks, lakes, and lookout spots to view the exciting conflagration of red, white, and blue. However, while the rest of us are celebrating with watermelons and barbequed burgers, web designers are celebrating with a different kind of Fireworks. That is,… Read more »

Course of the Week Highlight: Effective Communication—From Powerful Public Speaking to Protecting Yourself Against Harassment

We’ve all had that moment where we feel incompetent in the workplace, in a relationship, or when interacting with peers. Tools for empowered communication can be extremely helpful in these situations. Training courses can be useful for developing these characteristics and achieving proficiency. Whether presenting a project idea, public speaking, or dealing with harassment or… Read more »