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Books We Read: Linchpin Part 4

This week we finished our summer internship reading of Linchpin by Seth Godin and covered the chapters “Making the Choice,” “The Culture of Connection,” “The Seven Abilities of the Linchpin,” and “When it Doesn’t Work.” We took issue with a lot of what Godin says, but agreed with a good amount as well. Here are… Read more »

Tips for Adding Stunning Visuals To Your Projects (for free!)

Using visuals to convey information can greatly increase the reception of your work. Readers who “see and do” retain four times as much information as those who just read. Additionally, color visuals increase readers’ willingness to read by 80%. Finding images is, however, a tricky thing; do it wrong, and you could be violating the… Read more »

Reinventing RSS and How it Can Benefit Your Business

The shutdown of Google Reader is far from the end of RSS. In fact, it has become a catalyst for innovation in news aggregation and has driven attention towards the value of RSS in social reach and brand development. At OpenSesame, we’ve been looking at ways to make sure our blog is up-to-speed and ready… Read more »

Getting Started with 3D Printing For Business

eBay made big splashes in tech last week when they introduced eBay Exact, a new iOS app that allows consumers to customize 3D printed objects. Although eBay Exact is limited in its uses, 3D printing is not and the technology is getting cheaper and more useful everyday. Historically associated with tinkerers and hardware hobbists, 3D… Read more »

7 Mac Apps to Boost Productivity

It’s Productivity Wednesday! Looking to boost your productivity? We’ve put together a list of Mac apps that assist in keeping you focused and on task such as tools that block time-wasting websites, modify the color of the screen depending on the time of day, access files in just a couple key presses, and more. Almost… Read more »

iOS vs. Android: Which development platform is right for you?

Thinking of furthering your company’s digital presence? Getting into the mobile application market is a great choice. Developing an application, however, can take months and requires significant capital, so your company may have to prioritize development for one market over another. Phones running on iOS, Apple’s operating system, and Google’s Android make up 95% of… Read more »

Social Recruiting: Do’s and Don’ts with Chandlee Bryan Part II

Yesterday we shared a few ‘Do’s’ when it comes to beginning your social recruiting program. Today we’ll cover the ‘Don’ts’ and how to avoid these common pitfalls. Content is more than text If you aren’t producing compelling content on your social networks, chances are candidates won’t find your company compelling. Bryan believes businesses using Pinterest… Read more »

Social Recruiting: Do’s and Don’ts with Chandlee Bryan

A 2012 survey produced by Jobvite says 92% of recruiters use social media to employ candidates. With many recruiters describing an increase in candidate quantity and a decrease in time to hire, it’s no wonder social recruiting’s popularity has steadily increased over the past couple of years. Guided by the expertise of Chandlee Bryan, co-author… Read more »