Author: Taylor Croonquist

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Is eLearning Doomed to Be a Lonely Experience?

eLearning is a solitary and lonely experience, right? That’s what I used to think, but I’m not so sure anymore. And this is coming from a real skeptic! I used to hold a wary eye to the whole “let’s make elearning more social through online communities” movement, assuming that there was no way it could… Read more »

What an Awesome eLearning Course Taught Me About Designing Engaging Courses & Winning Over Lifelong Students

eLearning is boring, right? Think again! As a self-proclaimed “master in Excel,” I had my socks knocked off numerous times during an 18 hour elearning course on financial modeling. I know what you’re thinking…financial modeling?! That seems like a tough course to learn online! Well, that’s exactly what I was thinking too! But I took… Read more »