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Why YOU Need a Little Stress in Your Life!

Stress is a topic we hear about and experience all too often. Too much work, too little time off, not enough time to get that big presentation done, and excessive amounts of time spent away from our friends and families. All of these things can lead to stress. Ask almost anyone and they will agree… Read more »

Construction: Safety and Practices

The construction industry is all around us, from the new housing development going in down the road to the swimming pool your neighbors have decided to put in; construction is everywhere. With construction comes many safety hazards and compliance regulations that need to be met, and whether you’re new on the job or a seasoned… Read more »

College Student

Back to School: Alcohol Education in College

Labor Day weekend is upon us, and that means school’s back in session for most colleges. While this may not be true for all new college freshman, going away to school is typically the first time teens get to experience a new level of freedom. Having recently finished my freshman year of college and therefore… Read more »

Customer Service: The Bank Teller Edition

The customer service industry is multi-faceted—you can be a waiter or waitress in a restaurant, a sales person at a department store, or a cashier at the local market. Many people don’t think of banking as part of the customer service industry, or if they do it tends to be with negative connotations. Banks tend… Read more »

Genetic Counselor

Fastest Growing Jobs in America: Genetic Counselors

Have you heard of a genetic counselor before? There’s a chance you have, but if you’re like me and haven’t, read on to find out more! You’ve probably heard of a geneticist, and I can almost guarantee you know what a counselor does, but the merged field that creates genetic counseling is an industry not… Read more »

World Cup Fans

Be the Tim Howard of Your FIFA World Cup Celebrations!

On Thursday, June 12th, the 2014 FIFA World Cup kicked off in Brazil. For one month, even those who do not consider themselves soccer fans join the rest of the world in supporting their countries as they celebrate successes and commiserate losses. As Simon Kuper said in his book Soccernomics*, “It seems that soccer tournaments… Read more »

Sexual Harassment

Avoid Your Own Dov Charney Sexual Harassment Situation With eLearning

In today’s modern workforce, the use of in-person corporate training has become a hassle to coordinate with everyone’s busy lives and schedules, but the importance of such training has only increased. Although ensuring your employees are compliant with all relevant laws and regulations won’t guarantee your company and workers are safe from workplace accidents or… Read more »