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Learning Resolutions: Design and Delivery Rule

What will 2015 bring? Let’s face it, predictions are a mug’s game. I’d love to be thinking like this. I’m not sure I can focus on things that widely, instead, I’ll focus on three trends in the learning + development field that I think will continue to evolve into next year.   Responsive design –… Read more »

Learning Resolutions: Thinking Big in 2013

Sometimes we forget: eLearning is a broad concept, not just courses delivered on a computer. As I frame my resolutions for 2013, I’m reminding myself to keep thinking broadly about what defines our profession. The first thing I’d improve is to really focus on behavior change. Most of time elearning is requested because the client… Read more »

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Using eLearning to Amplify Talent Development with Who, What & How

Some organizations struggle with talent development. They find it difficult to balance “what’s good for the organization” and “what will engage the employee”. Organizations need certain skills to execute their strategies, and satisfied employees are a prerequisite to successful organizations. In talent development, you can’t separate the what, how, or the who. The skills are important for the company.… Read more »