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Video Tricks, Tips, and Shortcuts for Beginners

“People expect to be bored by eLearning. Let’s show them it doesn’t have to be like that!” – Cammy Bean, VP of Learning Design at Kineo With the popularity of sites like Youtube and Vimeo continually on the rise, it isn’t difficult to see why more and more elearning sellers are deciding to utilize some… Read more »

What Airline Safety Videos Can Teach eLearning

Sitting down on an Icelandair flight from Seattle to Reykjavik, I dutifully placed my laptop under my seat and clicked on the seatbelt, preparing to grab a magazine for when the safety video droned on in the background. To my immediate surprise however, a soft melody played, dragging my eyes to the screen in front.… Read more »

Why Every Small Business Should Have a Blog

It’s no wonder an increasing amount of businesses large and small have invested time and money into creating blogs. Whether you’re wondering how to be a leader instead of a boss, or how to deal with angry customers, where do you go? The internet. Blogs have been garnering popularity due to their succinct, creative ways… Read more »

[INFOGRAPHIC] Dress for Success In the Workplace

More often than not, businesses use certain phrases to indicate the degree of formality with which their employees should dress. To avoid the dreaded “That looks casual/comfortable/secondhand!” comment from your boss, it is always important to research the company before applying. As Business Insider stated in a recent interview, “[e]mployees want to blend into their… Read more »

Growth Hacking : How-To

Growth Hacking: If you work in a company that has a marketing department, it’s probably a term that you’ve heard before. But what is it exactly? True to its name, growth hacking is a way of achieving exposure and growth through non-traditional means. Along with social metrics and analytics, techniques such as search engine optimization,… Read more »

Instagram Tips for Your Business

Most businesses have made the transition to blogs, Twitter, and Facebook, (in fact, 84% of B2B marketers now use social media in some form), but the Instagram frontier still remains less navigated.  This leaves the opportunity for your business to stand out and lead the way in your industry! Instagram has potential for businesses as… Read more »

Infographic: What Every Manager Should Know About The Generations

In the same way birth order stereotypes may be 100% on target for some individuals, while completely untrue for others, generational stereotypes possess a duality. While generalizations about every member of a generation should be avoided (ie. all millennials are technology-obsessed, and boomers are self-absorbed workaholics), sometimes behavioral trends can be helpful. They suggest ways… Read more »

7 Courses to Bolster Your Resume: Culinary Skills

“Self-education is, I firmly believe, the only kind of education there is.” – Isaac Asimov Although no formal education is typically required to land a culinary profession, it can be helpful to arrive as prepared as possible to stand out from the applicant pool. Employers prefer applicants who are proactive and show initiative. Additionally, the… Read more »

4 Online Tools to Help Your Small Business Thrive

At OpenSesame, we believe in supporting fellow tech startups, and today we have compiled a list of four online tools from these businesses. The only two pieces of criteria for selection were that the companies and their tool had to: a) belong to Gen Z (founded after 2004) and b) be used by the OpenSesame… Read more »