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Tech Week: 6 Courses to Get You Started with Javascript

Javascript (not to be confused with Java) is known as the language of the browser. In a business world increasingly characterized by the internet and web applications, you can’t afford to be left out of the loop when it comes to technical issues within your company. Programming languages are no longer the domain of programmers… Read more »


Learn a New Skill: Public Speaking Like the Pros

This is the season of award shows—the Grammys, Oscars, Tonys. Some celebrities manage to make their award acceptance speeches sound both spontaneous and smooth, while others clearly struggle with unscripted public speaking. While you may not be up for an Oscar, you may be nominated for an award at some point in your career and… Read more »

Drafting a Successful Workplace Drug and Alcohol Policy

Discussing drugs and alcohol with your employees can be a highly personal and uncomfortable subject. However, since more than 75% of illicit drug users are currently employed, and drug abuse costs U.S. businesses an estimated $100 billion annually in damages and lost productivity, it may be time to start the conversation. Framing your company’s drug and… Read more »

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4 Stages of Effective Hiring Practices

With the economy expected to grow and continue full-scale recovery in 2014, companies will no doubt be expanding and hiring more employees. Hiring new employees is a tricky feat. Being in charge of your organization’s hiring process means not only screening for candidates who are qualified, but also whom are compatible with company culture and… Read more »

How does your company Internet policy stack up?

While the Internet can be a great tool for getting work done, it can also be a distraction to employees and a danger to security. Storing sensitive data, malware, hackers, illegal use of the Internet, and how your company is represented online can also pose significant risks to your business. It has never been more… Read more »

Top 5 Essential Social Media Marketing Podcasts

The scope of social media in our world today can be a bit difficult to rationalize at times. With 1.11 billion monthly users on Facebook, 550 million Twitter users, 40 million Instagram photos uploaded daily, and 100 hours of video uploaded to Youtube every minute, it seems like almost everyone is reaching out to grasp… Read more »

Office Health Update: Dealing With the Recent Cyclospora Outbreak

This past month, a nasty outbreak of Cyclospora has been sweeping across the United States. The intestinal parasite has been linked to consumption of fresh produce contaminated with feces and other bacteria. Common intestinal infection symptoms show up within a week of exposure and can include diarrhea, loss of appetite, bloating, and fatigue. With the… Read more »