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Learning Resolutions: Make More Stuff

So when my dad asked me about 3D printing, I thought it would be easier to show him than to explain. I took him to a local maker faire, which turned out to be a lot of fun. In addition to 3D printing, we saw robot competitions, leatherworking, electric cars, spinning and knitting, and a… Read more »

Right vs Better

Learning Resolutions: Be Better, Not Right

A while ago a friend of mine, the crazy smart Karl Fast, tweeted: User experience design is not about right vs. wrong, it’s about better vs. worse. Ask yourself “is this better” instead of “is this right.”   When I talked to him about it further, the distinction was this: “Right” is based on expertise (if… Read more »

Learning Resolutions: How Delightful!

So, I originally wrote a different version of this post, talking about my resolution to create better end-user feedback loops for the learning I design. I was an okay resolution – I’m already doing that, but I could do a better job.  It’s something that I believe wholeheartedly in, and think is very, very important.… Read more »