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Do You and Your Team Manage Your Time Effectively?

February is Time Management Month, so as the month comes to an end, we’re once again featuring courses to help you master your time and get organized. Managing time can feel like an overwhelming task; luckily, there are many resources available such as our time management training to help you get control over your time.… Read more »

Are Your Employees Safe in the Workplace?

Safety in the workplace is a critical concern for companies in all industries. No matter whether your team works in a office or at a construction site, knowledge of safety and first aid can save lives and improve working conditions. As a manager, it’s your responsibility to make sure your team studies up on safety… Read more »

Are You Up-to-Date on Compliance So Far in 2015?

Staying current on compliance, no matter your industry, is crucial, both to ensure employee safety and wellbeing and to avoid costly lawsuits. Laws and regulations change often; and it can be tricky to keep up! When you identify new training needs in your organization, we’ll be here to help—we do our best to keep up… Read more »

Are Your Food Service Employees “In The Know”?

We’re sending some love to the service industry today through our featured courses! We may often focus on business skills, but OpenSesame has plenty of food service and hospitality courses available too. This week we’re highlighting just three of the many. If you’re in the restaurant biz, don’t miss these courses on going green (save… Read more »

2015 Learning Resolutions Wrap-Up and Compilation eBook

And just like that we’re at the end of January! December and New Year’s seemed to fly by. The end of the month also means we’ve reached the end of our Learning Resolutions series for 2015. We heard some great responses from learning pros across the industry! Check out all of this year’s amazing posts—we’ve… Read more »

Empower Your Managers to Become Great Leaders

Seems like the term “manager” has taken on a decidedly negative connotation these days; “leader” has become the preferred term for supervisors and heads of companies. Leader implies positivity, innovation, vision, support, and more, while manager conjures the image of a paper-pushing, micromanaging boss. Which would you rather call your “bosses”?  Turn your managers into… Read more »

Lifelong Learning: Why it's Critical for Today's Workforce

How is it possible there were 12.7 million unemployed Americans in 2010, while seven million skilled jobs went unfilled? The answer lies in the so-called “skills gap” that we’re currently experiencing—job searchers are unqualified for available positions. The future looks bleak; if we continue down the current path, seven million will increase to 21 million empty… Read more »