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Top 25 Professional Development Courses To Take Control of Your Career

In one generation, the concept of professional development has completely changed. For baby boomers, opportunities for professional growth were almost entirely controlled by the company, or traditional educational institutions. You either went back for an advanced degree, or you waited for your company to provide learning or coaching opportunities. Now, technology has exponentially increased the… Read more »

Top 100 Tools for Learning in 2015

Learning comes in many forms, not all of which occur in a classroom. Each time you move outside of your comfort zone, you have the opportunity to learn something new about yourself and the world.  Each year we list our top tools for learning to try in the new year. The goal of this list… Read more »

Check Off Two Big To-Dos From Your List

Doesn’t this time of year seem to move faster than other months? One minute you’re handing out candy to costumed kids in your neighborhood, and the next you’re ringing in the new year. In the meantime, you’re adding more things to your “To Do” list then subtracting them. With less than 30 working days remaining… Read more »

Plan for 2015 with the eLearning Success Toolkit

Evaluating, implementing and managing an elearning program is a big task. As a result, you and your learning department may have put off implementing such a program simply because you aren’t sure where to start. You understand the value of elearning and are anxious to integrate it into your current learning initiatives, you just need… Read more »

Course of the Week: Improve Your Computer Literacy

Remember when being “computer literate” was as simple as knowing how to send an email or download an app? Now, understanding how to protect yourself, and your company, online has become a crucial part of computer literacy—but learning these skills doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. Whether you are building the applications or are the person… Read more »

Avoid Security “Frights” With National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Later this month, people will don scary costumes, visit haunted houses and decorate their homes with spooky symbols in celebration of Halloween—all with the good intent of giving friends and family a little fright. There is something much more frightful, however, being discussed this month—the growing threat of cyber attacks. October is National Cybersecurity Awareness… Read more »

Free eBook: Tips For Marketing Your eLearning Initiative

One of the most common frustrations we hear from prospective customers is a lack of interest from employees in training and development programs. Often employees show high initial engagement, but either lose interest or forget about the opportunity without continued exposure. Keeping learning top of mind and exciting for employees can be challenge, so we… Read more »

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Course of the Week: Simplify Complex Topics

eLearning courses are a great medium through which to tackle complex topics. The delivery format of an online course allows you to pause the lesson to take notes and return to previous sections for review. Additionally, OpenSesame gives you access to a course for a full 12 months from launch, providing you with the option… Read more »

Celebrate 'Talk Like A Pirate Day' At the Office

If you are a pirate enthusiast, like myself, Talk Like a Pirate Day (TLAPD) can be agony at the office. You may fear judgement from colleagues regarding your eye patch, or perhaps are concerned about offending your subordinates when referring to them as “bilge rats.” Don’t despair me hearties! I’ve got a series of tips… Read more »