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Privacy: Online and in the Workplace

Yesterday’s revelation by the Washington Post regarding the government’s data mining program, code named ‘Project PRISM’, has ignited a heated debate on privacy rights in the United States. The extraordinary expansion of technology in the last decade has fundamentally changed the way individuals, businesses and governments define privacy rights – and most of us are… Read more »

OpenSesame as your eLearning Library: Finding the right course

I adore libraries – the smell of the books, the quiet hush of reader’s learning and the endless possibilities just sitting on shelves, awaiting my attention. Unfortunately, this same feeling of possibility can also be overwhelming. A visitor looking to learn how to start a business or be a better leader can wander aimlessly through… Read more »

4 Tips for Helping Your Employees Through an Acquisition

This morning, Salesforce announced it will acquire marketing software powerhouse ExactTarget for $2.5 Billion. For both companies, today will be day of excitement, filled with popped champagne corks, flocks of press and congratulatory pats on the back. Tomorrow however, the real work begins as the companies begin merging assets, services and the more than 11,000 employees… Read more »

Rise of the Pay-Per-Use Model

Before iTunes, music fans were forced to purchase an entire album in order to listen to their one favorite single. Music companies loved this model because they profited from the entire album, even if it only contained one good song. Birth of Pay-Per-Use The idea began with Napster, but it was iTunes that really capitalized… Read more »

Creating a Memorable First Day for Interns and New Hires

With Memorial day behind us and the first day of summer quickly approaching, we all know what is coming next…interns! OpenSesame will welcome 10 of our own interns in the coming weeks and, like many of you, we’ve begun planning for their arrival. As companies make these preparations, it’s important not only to focus on… Read more »

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Hello from New Marketing Coordinator

Hello! I’m Katie Hurst, the new Marketing Coordinator for OpenSesame. As a recent Portland transplant, I’m thrilled to be joining a company so well respected in the startup community. I originally heard about OpenSesame through an article on the Oregon Tech Awards, for which OpenSesame was nominated for Technology Company of the Year – Startup.… Read more »