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Join OpenSesame at ASTD-Cascadia Chapter's Annual Conference!

The information revolution of the past decade has not only transformed our economy, but how we work, communicate and relate to each other. Companies are being forced to evolve quickly to adapt to these changes, shifting business practices to accommodate the increased demand for access to real time information. Unfortunately, rushed implementation or pressure to… Read more »

Simplify Your Life: 7 Steps To Becoming A Work Minimalist

I’ve been a minimalist most of my life. With the exception of a small children’s book collection, most of the items in my possession are things absolutely necessary to my day-to-day existence. I attribute my minimalist lifestyle to having moved cross-country with my family as a child and becoming obsessed with the idea of changing… Read more »

Trump the Usage Slump: New eBook Coming in August!

Earlier this year, an OpenSesame customer asked me for marketing tactics we used when promoting our marketplace. Her company had recently purchased OpenSesame courses and was preparing to launch their first elearning initiative. She wanted to make sure the program was successful, and understood communication was going to play a key role. I shared a… Read more »

Beginning Twitter for Professionals: New Ebook and Updated Courses

Twitter is a powerful tool for connecting people, keeping up-to-date with professional conversations, and expanding your perspective on the world. Twitter’s popularity is reflected in our marketplace—ever since OpenSesame’s Kelly Meeker created her first Beginning Twitter for Professionals online training course in 2011, it’s been one of the most popular courses on OpenSesame. We’re excited… Read more »

Safety Standards Around the World

You don’t have to be well-traveled to recognize the world contains many cultures and each culture has its own set of values and social norms. For example, I remember learning as a child that bearing the bottoms of your feet in certain cultures is considered offensive, while in others it is commonplace to burp after… Read more »

Marketing Your eLearning Initiative – Signage

My previous post in the “Marketing Your eLearning Initiative” series addressed ideas on how to use email as a method for advertising the launch of your program, new courses and positive experiences using the training. While digital communication is a great way to provide regular updates regarding your elearning program, signage can promote your overall… Read more »

Upcoming Webinar: Get To Know OpenSesame Plus

OpenSesame’s latest pricing solution, OpenSesame Plus, offers unlimited access to 2,500+ courses for one low price. The simple and affordable subscription model provides the training you need, when you need it, without having to worry about the cost per course. The catalog features more than 50 categories—from business skills and compliance, to software and technology—making… Read more »

Youth Unemployment

Unique Approaches to Combating Youth Unemployment

At the beginning of each month, like clockwork, news organizations will run a story highlighting the latest “jobs numbers.” Typically this brief 10-30 second sound bite will announce the number of jobs created and any change in the unemployment rate—and that’s about it. Perhaps we will hear a more in depth report when there is… Read more »