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In Memory of Sean

We received news yesterday that one of our summer interns, Sean Keefer, passed away earlier this week. Sean was a freshman at George Washington University and has interned with OpenSesame on our development team since the summer of 2012. We are deeply saddened by this news, as Sean was a wonderful coworker and friend. In… Read more »

Learn a New Skill in 2014

Consider this—as little as 15 years ago, most of the work performed today didn’t exist. The rapid adoption of technology in the workplace has fundamentally changed the way business is conducted. Fear not my friend! There are number of traits and talents that transcend these dramatic shifts and continue to be in demand year after… Read more »

Rolling Up Our Sleeves: OpenSesame Announces $8M in Additional Funding

At OpenSesame, we strive to make selling and purchasing elearning as simple as possible. We ourselves had experienced the challenges of accessing quality content—the lengthy negotiations, multiple year contracts, and complicated pricing—prompting us to launch OpenSesame more than two years ago. Since our launch, we have built a platform that dramatically reduces the time from… Read more »

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Get Healthy in 2014: 80% off the “Wellness Works” Bundle

For 2014, you’re determined to be healthier—not just get fit, not just eat right, but the whole kit and kaboodle. And we’re proud of you for taking this first step. But where to start? There are many factors involved with achieving a healthy lifestyle: exercise, eating right, emotional support and a positive mindset, to name… Read more »

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Top 10 Posts From 2013

One of our goals this past year was to ramp up our blogging efforts, creating more quality content that covered industry topics, training news and improvements to the OpenSesame site. Since the beginning of the year, we’ve published more than 200 posts on everything from the updated GHS standards, to the best Mac productivity apps—even… Read more »

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Happy Holidays from OpenSesame

2013 has been a great year for us here at OpenSesame. We've grown our catalog to more than 22,000 courses, expanded our weekly course deals, and will soon be adding a new subscription option. Of course, none of this would be possible without your support, and we thank you for your patronage. OpenSesame

How to buy guide

A Better Way to Buy eLearning: Introducing our “How to Buy” Guide

At OpenSesame, we strive to make buying elearning courses simple. Visitors to our site need to only click once to begin browsing our more than 22,000 courses, and can purchase seats directly from within our marketplace. In addition to our on-site buying options, OpenSesame provides several flexible purchasing programs ideal for the enterprise or small-to-medium… Read more »