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Wiley’s For Dummies eLearning Courses Now Available on OpenSesame

OpenSesame is excited to announce the addition of Wiley’s For Dummies series of online training courses to the elearning marketplace. Wiley’s best-selling “For Dummies” brand creates videos, books and eLearning courses to make any learner an expert in topics of personal and professional interest from Microsoft Office to digital photography. The instantly recognizable yellow-and-black branding… Read more »

Three Ways to Use Online Training from OpenSesame: Online, via CourseCloud™ or in Your LMS

OpenSesame is an online marketplace for training courses, with more than 20,000 courses from 250 different sellers. With OpenSesame, buyers can shop for courses from different sellers, preview courses, and read reviews before making a purchase. OpenSesame offers unprecendented flexibility in buying and using online training courses.  Buying Courses on OpenSesame There are two easy… Read more »

Solve Training Needs Now With Course Bundles

OpenSesame’s newest feature is course bundles, or “playlists” of training courses purchased as a group. Top sellers throughout the OpenSesame elearning marketplace are using this new feature to create curated groups of courses. The course bundle sales format is useful for providing a complete, competency-based curriculum. For example, if your marketing analytics company is switching… Read more »

OpenSesame's 12/12 License

If you’re an elearning buyer, you’re used to frustration, inflexibility and negotiation. You’re used to seeing licenses you’ve paid for go to waste because circumstances changed or schedules got in the way – and you’re not used to vendors who say “yes”. It’s OpenSesame’s goal to make elearning work for you, with flexible purchasing and… Read more »

Keeping Up With Your eLearning Course Sales on OpenSesame

If you’re a seller in the OpenSesame elearning marketplace, no doubt you want to know how your courses are selling. OpenSesame’s dashboard provides real-time sales data to help you understand what’s selling, when. Viewing Sales Data Start by logging into OpenSesame and clicking “My Account” in the top right of the navigation bar. This is… Read more »

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OpenSesame Now Features International Business Courses from Cegos

We are proud to announce a great new addition to the OpenSesame training marketplace: eLearning courses from Cegos, the leading global provider of management, finance, marketing, sales and operations content localized into 13 languages, including French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Chinese and Arabic.  For many of our customers, finding learning resources for international staff members is a… Read more »

The Portland Tech Community & the Crowdfund Act

On Wednesday, OpenSesame co-founder Josh Blank participated in a roundtable discussion led by United States Senator Jeff Merkley among entrepreneurs and tech leaders on The Crowdfund Act – new legislation designed to make raising capital easier for new businesses. As a new startup, OpenSesame has worked hard to build our business, develop our customer base and raise the… Read more »

Effective eLearning: How to Take Usage from 9% to 90%

We’re proud to announce a great opportunity for the OpenSesame community: Dawn Kohler, CEO of the Inside Coach, will offer a webinar May 30th focused on increasing the utilization and usefulness of your online learning content. Dawn is an expert business coach and elearning developer, with years of experience in working with businesses of all… Read more »

Measurement and Analytics for Learning

This month I’ve been thrilled to write a series of posts on creating measurement and analytics models on the American Society for Training & Development’s blog. It has been my goal to address this complex topic with specific recommendations and models you can implement in your organization. This series doesn’t shy away from specifics. It… Read more »

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OpenSesame Joins the Oregon Entrepreneurs Network Webinar Series

OpenSesame is proud to announce that co-founders Josh Blank and Tom Turnbull will appear next week on the Oregon Entrepreneurs Network “Life in an Incubator” webinar series, sharing our experience working and growing in the Portland State University Business Accelerator. As a startup technology company, OpenSesame depends on our network of experienced entrepreneurs and technologists… Read more »