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Importance of Coworker Relationships

You spend the majority of your day at work–you sit at your desk, finish your tasks, and repeat the next day. Amidst all of this work in a professional environment, you come into contact with an assortment of people–coworkers in your office, on your team, or just people walking past you in the office. Whatever… Read more »

Go Outside! 5 Benefits of Exercise in the Workplace

Do you ever feel unproductive in the office? You’re swamped with documents, to-do lists and a never-ending supply of unanswered emails, but you just can’t get yourself to finish them. Well, it’s understandable that you might go a little crazy when you’re stuck in an office all day. Healthy individuals are supposed to be getting… Read more »

Supporting Remote Employees in the Workplace

Remote workers are on the rise in many modern workplaces.  The changing culture and daily work habits that our society has acquired over the past decade contribute largely to this increase. Lauren, the Senior Account Executive at OpenSesame, is a full-time employee who has been working remotely for the past fifteen years. “I have my… Read more »

5 Benefits of an Intern Program

Internships are valuable experiences to have before the real job search begins. It’s an opportunity to enter a professional environment where they can make connections, learn new skills, and determine where their interests lie. You might be wondering how these interns can benefit you. Here are five benefits of establishing an intern program in your… Read more »

Unconscious Bias in the Workplace

Unconscious biases are reinforced by the environments we grow up in and past experiences in our life. We could unknowingly be discriminating against people based on factors such as race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation and class. Remember–this doesn’t mean you aren’t a good person. However, it is necessary to address the existence of this phenomenon,… Read more »

The Benefits of Hosting Hackathons

We have been seeing the growing popularity of hackathons all around the world. There are a lot of factors that contribute to this phenomenon–the increasing size of our tech-reliant society, a growth in computer science engineers, and the popularity of entrepreneurship. Hackathons take place all over the world–not just in the United States. Networking/Recruiting Whether… Read more »

The Digital Divide: Bridge that Gap!

In today’s ever-increasingly technological world, being digitally connected is essential to social, political and economic advancement. Technology has revolutionized the way we learn, teach, communicate, and carry out even the simplest of tasks. The Internet is becoming a basic necessity in any field, and providing others with this resource will contribute to workforce development. The… Read more »

Why Your Company Should Have an Employee Volunteer Program

Last week, the interns at OpenSesame took the morning off to volunteer at the Oregon Food Bank with a couple of other tech companies around Portland. Taking unbelievably flattering group photos in hairnets, latex gloves and aprons was just one of the perks of the event. We made our contribution through packaging onions waiting to… Read more »

Marijuana Legalization: What Should Businesses Do?

As of today, Oregon has joined three other states–Alaska, Colorado, Washington–and Washington DC, to allow possession and cultivation of recreational marijuana. Sure, this may be a date of celebration for some, but many businesses and employers are left wondering how these changes might affect their options in implementing drug-testing policies. There may be confusion, but… Read more »