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What’s the Difference Between Leadership and Management?

This week, we’re continuing our series of posts featuring leadership training and expertise from Frank Lee. We already featured Frank’s training on the Three Fundamental Stages of Leadership, but this week we’ll discuss the difference between leadership and management. Management and leadership are often conflated, but the two are actually quite different. Management, like leadership,… Read more »

3 Tips for Writing a Stand-Out LinkedIn Summary

Chances are, if you’re a professional in today’s social media-driven world, you have a LinkedIn profile. According to LinkedIn, their professional social network now includes 380,000,000 registered users–and it’s growing. With 118 million users in the U.S. and 39 million students and recent college graduates joining the site, it’s worth pausing to consider a simple… Read more »

Are Game-Based Virtual Simulations the Future of Online Training?

Imagine this: you’re a Human Resources Manager for a small company and you’re tasked with providing required sexual harassment training for 85 employees. You hear about a company creating game-based, virtual simulation courses in lieu of traditional in-person training. What do you do? A) Stick with the old training and hope your employees absorb and… Read more »

LinkedIn: How-To

In the digital era, more and more employers are performing thorough background checks on prospective employees, and are using online sites such as LinkedIn to discover everything they can about a certain individuals career, educational, and professional history. Even outside of a background check, LinkedIn is akin to an unofficial resumé, and is checked by… Read more »

Frank Lee Shares His Fundamental Steps of Leadership

At OpenSesame we’ve been fortunate enough to welcome Frank Lee, leadership professional and founder of Frank Lee Associates, to our office to share some of his  leadership and management training. With expertise in management, leadership, team, and organizational effectiveness, Frank has been educating our office on a range of professional development topics that we’ll be… Read more »

Why Critical Thinking is Essential for the Workplace

What does critical thinking mean to you? If you think back to your undergraduate philosophy or humanities course, perhaps you recall being encouraged to apply critical thinking to interrogating texts and ideas with open-mindedness, logic, and reason. Though the term can encompass a multitude of definitions, practicing critical thinking involves observation, interpretation, analysis, and inference.… Read more »

5 Essential Questions to Ask About Company Culture

How do you define company culture? Every company, no matter its size, number of employees, industry, or location, has a culture. As William Craig explains in an article for the Forbes blog, company culture isn’t something employees bring with them. Rather, it’s “something that is pre-existing in your company’s genetic code.” Yet, even with Craig’s… Read more »


Podcasting for the Classroom

The days of families huddling around radios to listen to their favorite nightly programs may be long gone, but the market for engaging audio programs hasn’t entirely diminished. In place of old-fashioned radio sets are headphones, smartphones, and apps that allow users to plug in and listen to thousands of audio programs covering a range… Read more »