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Take an eLearning Test Drive and Preview Your Courses

When is the last time you purchased a product wearing a blindfold? I’m guessing never. From mp3 music to baby clothes, and everything in between, buyers have the advantage to browse online catalogues and purchase almost anything…without having to leave their work desk or couch. Making online purchases has become convenient and easy. To strengthen… Read more »

3 Psychological Principles You Can Use to Improve Training

Psychologists have spent decades researching trends in behavior. Theorists like Pavlov used classical conditioning to activate salivation in dogs, and Bandura showed how modeling with Bobo Dolls contributed to social learning theory. These historical findings help us understand why people behave the way they do. Have you ever asked yourself – Why do I feel… Read more »

How to Use Google+ Hangout for Workplace Collaboration

We all hear the buzz around using social media tools for learning and collaboration in the workplace – but what we really need is practical tips for implementing those technologies every day. At OpenSesame, we use a number of social technologies to enable communication and collaboration. Social media is particularly essential for us because more… Read more »

LMS vs LCMS vs CMS…changing one letter makes a big difference.

What are the differences between LMS, LCMS, and CMS? This question often elicits confusion among those shopping for the right software tools for their organization. Not to worry—we know the difference and we are going to share our knowledge. First, let’s define our abbreviations. “LMS” is an acronym for “Learning Management System”, a software platform… Read more »

Plan and Initiate a Smart Workforce

Talent isn’t just a challenge to solve today – part of every human resources team’s role is ensuring that your organization has a vision for where the organization is going and where the talent will come from to support your organization’s growth.    To face this challenge head-on, companies must not only understand what their… Read more »

5 Ways to Start Using Social Media for Training

Social media is now in every professional’s vernacular and if it’s not, it should be. In its most basic form, social media allows us to communicate. Whether you are researching new marketing projects, communicating with colleagues or learning from a global network of peers, social media allows your voice to be heard instantly and effectively.… Read more »

Customer Satisfaction Determines Reimbursement in Health Care

Customer satisfaction is essential in any industry. Whether you are providing a product or service, your reputation is determined by the people on the receiving end. With a shift in the healthcare industry, customer reports are now shaping and adjusting reimbursements. In 2012, Medicare implemented a revised scale for reimbursements based on customer satisfaction reports.… Read more »

Introducing Beginning Facebook for Business

OpenSesame is excited to announce the release of Beginning Facebook for Business. As part of our mission to provide individuals and organizations with a broad variety of elearning courses, OpenSesame wants to share our passion for social media with you. We are pleased to offer this complimentary course to assist in your social media development. Beginning… Read more »

The Top 3 Must Have Soft Skills for IT Professionals

At the end of January, many of us drift away from our resolutions and fall back into our mundane routines. Was self-improvement involved in your resolution? If you’re like me, you’re wondering how you can get better at your job and become more influential in the new year. To become a more influential and effective… Read more »