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Set Up Google+ Authorship and Get Visible!

You’ve spent a considerable amount of time on and have demonstrated your expertise in the form of creating an elearning course. We at OpenSesame spend a considerable amount of effort and time making your courses available in the search engines whenever your potential customers are looking for them. So now you might be wondering if… Read more »

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Learn a New Skill: 10 Small-Business SEO Tips

If you’re a small business owner, I’m willing to bet that a good amount of your business comes from short-term marketing promotions along with word of mouth referrals because hey… you are very good at what you do. Word of mouth marketing is an extremely effective strategy, but it comes with one very big limitation.… Read more »

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Hello from our new Growth Marketing Lead!

Howdy! My name is Maximus Kang and I’m the new Growth Marketing Lead for OpenSesame. I’m based in Seattle, so having the 30 second commute every morning is a huge perk. What excites me most about OpenSesame is the potential it has to grow in the online/digital space. Recently, I realized where I heard about… Read more »