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What Role Does Self Directed Learning Play in Talent Development

For centuries, we have been fascinated by autodidacts, people who teach themselves immense amounts of knowledge and go on to accomplish great things. From the Wright brothers and Benjamin Franklin to Steven Spielberg and Jimi Hendrix, we are naturally drawn to unorthodox success stories outside the confines of education. After all, who hasn’t daydreamed about… Read more »

Learn a New Skill: 4 Different “Languages”

Learning something new is a perennial favourite on New Year’s resolution lists, and many people decide to learn a new language. And why not? It’s a useful skill, can lead to travel (another popular resolution), and is engaging in a way that few learning experiences are. However, languages don’t just have to be restricted to… Read more »

Learn a New Skill: 5 Skills to Make You More Money

In today’s job market, having a certain business skill can be the key to landing a promotion, getting your dream job, and even unlocking thousands of dollars worth of wage premiums. In fact, PayScale has released a list of the skills that lead to the biggest increase in paychecks. Below are five skills that can lead… Read more »

Basics and Benefits of Blended Learning

The debate between in-person and online training has been prominent since elearning was first introduced. Research shows benefits of both, and defenders of both sides vehemently argue their points. However, there is a way to maintain the advantages of both without sacrificing any learning. Known as “blended learning,” it combines elearning and traditional classroom-esque interactions.… Read more »

The 6 Dos and Don'ts of Reddit Marketing

It’s 2014. Every company worth its salt has a LinkedIn, Facebook page, Twitter account, and maybe a Pinterest or Instagram if they’re especially trendy. However, there are still social networks with hundreds of millions of users that are fairly untapped by web marketers. Reddit, an online bulletin board-esque website, is one of these networks. As… Read more »

Does Your eLearning Give People Nightmares?

Have you ever watched an animated movie or played a video game and felt uncomfortable, like something was not quite right? You may have experienced the “uncanny valley.” This theory, first posed by robotics professor Masahiro Mori, states that there is a “valley” where figures look almost human, but not enough to be 100% convincing.… Read more »

Head to Head: State vs Private Colleges

This is the third post in our new Head to Head series where we compare and contrast a variety of topics! Don’t miss eLearning Versus mLearning, Microsoft Word vs Google Docs vs LibreOffice, and be sure to check back for another post! Lately, comparisons between public and private colleges have been a hot topic in the… Read more »

Course of the Week Highlight: The Safety Dance

Whether you work in a warehouse, restaurant, or office, every workplace has its fair share of risks. From dangerous equipment like forklifts to communicable diseases, it’s incredibly important to know preventative techniques and common safety procedures. An injury or disease can set back work for weeks or even months and have lasting health concerns. The… Read more »