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Taking Steps to Prevent Sexual Harassment at Work

In recent news, all too often we’re seeing that sexual harassment is continuing to be a pervasive issue. Why? And how can companies better support employees? We’re an elearning company and our primary focus is on training. Oftentimes many companies aren’t aware of how to support employees or how important it is to take steps… Read more »

Dealing With HAZMAT: What Employers Need to Know

Hazardous materials, also known as HAZMAT, are present in numerous professions. What seems to be an ordinary product might be flammable, toxic, or even explosive. It is essential for professionals in environments where they may encounter hazardous materials to receive adequate training on handling dangerous goods. Though one might only be responsible for a specific… Read more »

Immersive eLearning Environments: Why They Work

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” —Maya Angelou eLearning courses provide opportunity to create simulated learning environments, where learners can experiment safely and demonstrate skills. Immersive eLearning environments emotionally engage learners by adding verbal and nonverbal… Read more »

6 Courses for Simple Software Upgrades

Is your company running on outdated software? More than 30 percent of people across the United States are still running Windows XP even though it came out more than 10 years ago. Companies are almost as far behind. Many are still using software like Microsoft Office 2003 – they’re aware that it is outdated, but… Read more »

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4 Fire Safety Training Courses

The Christmas lights have been put away for a while and we’re opening the windows instead of turning up the heat, but the summer is no time to ignore fire hazards in the workplace. Some of the most common reasons fires start in the summer are: Cooking indoors Grilling outside 4th of July fireworks Air… Read more »

5 Best Courses for Completing California AB-1825 and AB-2053 Sexual Harassment Training

Does your business operate in California? Do you have more than 50 employees? Yes? Then you are subject to California AB 1825, which requires you to provide sexual harassment prevention training to your employees. AB 1825 in California states that companies with more than 50 employees must provide two hours of sexual harassment prevention training for managers… Read more »

The Future of Open Source CMSs like Joomla in eLearning

The Future of Open Source CMSs like Joomla in eLearning

The integration between content management systems (CMS) and learning management systems (LMS) and use of popular open source CMS as an alternative to complex LMS is a hot topic. The benefit to a CMS-centered solution is full integration. It’s more convenient to have your eLearning system as an integral part of your business portal regardless… Read more »

The LMS I Know Is Not Dying (Nor Is It Even Ill)

The LMS I Know Is Not Dying (Nor Is It Even Ill)

Over the past 12 months there have been lots of posts written by eLearning thought leaders declaring the LMS to be dead in favor of more social and collaborative learning options. While I understand and applaud the reasoning – nurturing informal learning – there are still too many core uses for the LMS which are… Read more »