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3 Strategies to Deal With Outspoken Workers

Nearly every office has outspoken individuals who question others’ work in public.  A professor of mine once told me, “There are two reasons people ask a lot of questions: they’re lazy and trying to avoid work, or they’re critical thinkers and trying to come to a solution.” It’s often hard to sort out what kind… Read more »

3 Tricks to Beat Loud Distractions at Work

Currently at OpenSesame, we’re all a bit distracted. You see, right outside our window there is ongoing construction, and the sound of jackhammers at 10 in the morning isn’t the best way to get ideas flowing. At certain points throughout the year, there will be distractions out of your control. Whether it be construction, an… Read more »

5 CEO Tested Reasons For Calling Meetings

How many times have you been called into a meeting only to spend the first half trying to figure out why everyone was called there and what you should be talking about? Too often we find meetings a waste of time and would rather work alone and try to relay information through email and messaging… Read more »

Maximizing Productivity Through Music

You’ve been in and out of meetings all day and are finally able to sit down and start on your work. You’re stressed out and don’t know how you’re going to get through the rest of the day. Your headphones catch your eye. Just what you need.              As more and more research is… Read more »

4 LinkedIn Areas Hiring Managers Often Accidentally Overlook

As a hiring manager, you already understand how important LinkedIn is for recruitment purposes. A profile is a place for potential employees to showcase their skills, passions, and experiences even further than the typical space allotted on a resume.   While most people have a basic LinkedIn profile, check these four areas that often get… Read more »

Roleplaying Benefits Through Elearning

Whether in the typical hands-on approach or in a virtual elearning scenario, role playing is one of the most popular training techniques. Roleplaying is a fantastic method to train employees in hands-on scenarios. The point of role playing is to put the participant into a scenario he or she isn’t completely familiar with and hopefully… Read more »

How to Disagree With Your Boss (Without Getting Fired)

Disagreeing with your boss can be an intimidating part of your work, but there is a way to approach the problem without your disagreement ending in you getting fired. Regardless of the issue at hand, follow these general rules to steer clear of the unemployment office and improve your working relationship with your boss. Approach… Read more »

Office Health Through Office Ergonomics

It’s hard to believe that serious injuries can occur from working in office settings, but they are much more prevalent than we may think. Neck, back, and eye injuries are caused by daily habits and posture that many people don’t realize can cause injuries in the first place. The good news is that through some… Read more »

Four Traits Every Customer Success Manager Should Possess

Regardless of the size and industry of a company, customer happiness is key to company survival. Most companies have specific departments or positions, often called Customer Success Managers, to deal with this issue. While there are countless attributes this position could use, we’ve narrowed it down to four listed below: Patience After working with a… Read more »

Follow This Checklist Before Bringing Your Pet To The Office

With many offices today having more relaxed policies, it isn’t uncommon to see dogs and cats roaming in between cubicles or taking afternoon naps under windows. Pets can be a great addition to an office, boosting office morale and creating a more enjoyable workspace. While some people love office dogs and cats, others do not,… Read more »