Author: Robin Schooling

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The Role of the “New” Training Professional

The way in which learning occurs in organizations has changed tremendously and with this evolution comes a new focus for L & D professionals. In many organizations the role of the training professional has transformed; no longer focused on delivering training, today’s L&D professional is now a facilitator of learning who also serves as an… Read more »

Clarifying and Communicating Training Objectives

When purchasing a new car or picking up dinner at the local take-out restaurant, people look for value. Those sorts of purchasing decisions are ones over which individuals have control, but sometimes, especially in the workplace, employees are simply directed – or strongly encouraged – to take action. Yet, before they “buy” (an idea, a… Read more »

The Role of The L&D Manager in Creating A Learning Culture

Peruse most any business publication or take a look at survey data of industry executives and you’ll see that senior leaders cite innovation, agility, and adeptness at change management to be of paramount importance as their organizations seek a competitive advantage in today’s fast-paced economy. Of course the ability to innovate or navigate change doesn’t… Read more »