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The Argument for Online Training

When it comes to training, online vs. in-person is far from a settled debate. With arguments and preferences about efficacy, cost savings and speed-to-implement, it can be difficult to decide which way is best. Face-to-face classes are meant to be engaging and to give team members the chance to have their questions addressed by an… Read more »

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Competency Mapping and the Power of the eLearning List

How do you get your team from point A to point B? Give them too much information and they’ll become overwhelmed. Give them too little and they won’t be sufficiently prepared to do their job. In a world where “content is king”, curation is a necessity for teams to stay on track and avoid being… Read more »

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5 Things We Hate To Buy

Part of being an adult is occasionally having to do things you hate. Some of these things are innately unpleasant. You have to take out the trash, go to the dentist, complete projects at work you detest and clean up after your dog at the park. But, some of the things we hate are not… Read more »

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Get 20 courses for $20

Thousands of courses, instantly ™ Regulation Compliance Employee Development Business Growth   Skills, Compliance & Safety by Syntrio Get 20 courses for $20 Soft skills topics including leadership and sales Compliance training such as harassment prevention Safety essentials like bloodborne pathogens Starting at $20 Top management courses Six Sigma Yellow Belt Selling to Decision-Makers Engaging… Read more »

Course of the Week: Turn Around Performance Problems

Thousands of courses, instantly ™ Regulation Compliance Employee Development Business Growth   Turn Around Performance Problemsby The Inside Coach Coach employees to resolve performance problems Identify performance issues Create actionable improvement plans Coach employees toward success   Starting at $25.60 Top compliance courses Drug-Free Workplace Harassment Prevention WorkplaceViolence Top management courses Time Management Manage for… Read more »