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Six Reasons Why You Should Learn C#

C#—it’s not just a musical note. First introduced in 2000 alongside Microsoft’s .Net framework, it’s been through five versions and one (now-retired) mascot named Andy. Now, it’s arguably one of the most valuable programming languages to learn—and here’s why. Why Learn C#? C# popularity is higher than ever. C# was named the programming language of… Read more »

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How OpenSesame Reduced Page Load Time By 75%, Increased Organic Visits by 30%, and Improved Conversion Rate by 20% in Just 9 Weeks

The First Step is Admitting You Have a Problem Here at OpenSesame we love data just as much as the next startup – probably even more. We have your run-of-the-mill analytics tools, marketing automation scripts, remarketing scripts, scripts to monitor our other scripts… You get the picture. At some point, our scripts got away from… Read more »