Author: Sheridan Smith

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Humanizing the eLearning World

Have you ever taken an online course where you speed through the material, take the quizzes and get it out of the way? We’ve all been there. Have you sat through a class lecture drifting off into your own world because of the teacher’s boring material and monotone voice? We’ve all been there, too. Finding… Read more »

Microlearning: Is it for you?

Microlearning is the wider approach to improving skills in an informal way. It’s often available on multiple devices such as mobile phones and tablets, allowing employees to learn on-the-go. Along with keeping the learner engaged, microlearning allows for wiggle room. The learner can decide what they want to learn, when they want to learn it,… Read more »

Customer Service and eLearning

eLearning is an ever-growing industry and various companies are beginning to take advantage of the accessible technology. Employee training is timely and there are thousands of requirements within each industry, making elearning an effective option for all. With over 13 million employees working in either retail or restaurants, customer service accounts for a vast majority… Read more »

It’s Time to Squash the eLearning Myths

Whether your opinion on elearning is positive or negative, I’m here to squash the myths that you may have once heard. If you have yet to take an elearning course, stop and read these five myths before you listen to another one. 1. Online training is expensive, making it a burden to small companies. Any… Read more »