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5 Reasons Your eLearning Course Doesn't Work For Learners

eLearning presents an incredible opportunity to connect employees to high quality learning opportunities in the context of their workday- but there’s nothing more frustrating than a terrible elearning course. Poorly designed elearning courses can make your employees so frustrated they lose interest in any kind of learning opportunities, no matter how well designed. Whether you’re… Read more »

How to Complete OSHA Training Online

Between safeguarding employees’ well-being, protecting workplace morale, minimizing insurance risks and complying with federal regulations, providing employees with safety training is essential. The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) is the federal regulatory agency responsible for establishing and enforcing guidelines for workplace safety.    OSHA promulgates regulations to protect employee safety, including 10-hour and 30-hour… Read more »

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A Penguin Who Changed China:

Free services and entertainment are two of the most important things Chinese people look for on the web and there is no Internet company that knows Chinese netizens better than In the past 12 years, Tencent has developed China’s most popular instant messenger, built up China’s largest online game platform, and created China’s hottest… Read more »

Sina Weibo

The King of Chinese Social Media: Sina Weibo

Weibo has changed the world for Chinese netizens. As a top social network in China (the name literally means “Microblog”), Sina Weibo, known as the Chinese Twitter, affects Chinese people’s experience of political events, current events and interactions with celebrities. Since Sina Weibo has a simple and user-friendly interface, it’s widely used by both the… Read more »

Renren logo The Facebook of China’s Younger Generation

Social networks are transforming the ways people communicate, from meeting new friends and staying in touch with family to building professional networks and creating learning communities. While Chinese social networkers don’t have access to Facebook and Twitter, they use a variety of Chinese applications to make the most of the opportunities provided by online social… Read more »