Beginning Twitter for Professionals: New Ebook and Updated Courses

Twitter is a powerful tool for connecting people, keeping up-to-date with professional conversations, and expanding your perspective on the world. Twitter’s popularity is reflected in our marketplace—ever since OpenSesame’s Kelly Meeker created her first Beginning Twitter for Professionals online training course in 2011, it’s been one of the most popular courses on OpenSesame.

We’re excited to announce that Kelly has just completed an update of both Beginning Twitter for Professionals Parts 1 and 2, adding new content, explaining new Twitter features, and making new suggestions to help you make the most of your Twitter experience. Even better, these courses are now optimized for mobile, bringing the Twitter tips you need to your mobile device—where you’re probably most likely to be using Twitter!

We’re also excited to unveil the brand new, free ebook companion to our online Twitter courses. This free ebook is a great reference guide and introduction to the concepts covered in Beginning Twitter for Professionals Parts 1 and 2, including basic first steps and exploring how to get the most out of Twitter. Click here to download.

In the free Part 1 course, Kelly starts with a basic introduction to the Twitter interface, explaining common terms like mentions, favorites, and retweets. She’ll walk you through creating an account, completing your profile, finding people to follow, writing tweets and monitoring your notifications—all the basic skills you need to get started using Twitter.

In Part 2, Kelly moves on to giving you tips to help you expand your network and find the conversations that are relevant to you. She’ll introduce you to hashtags and hashtag chats, using Twitter lists and using social media apps like HootSuite or Tweetdeck to monitor your Twitter feed. She’ll also give you more tips on the best ways to share content to inspire conversation, meet new people, and keep building your network.

Whether you’re looking for help for yourself or interested in a course you can share with your entire team, Beginning Twitter for Professionals Parts 1 and 2 will help you unlock the Twitter conversation for professional networking and development.