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A Better Way to Buy eLearning: Introducing our “How to Buy” Guide

At OpenSesame, we strive to make buying elearning courses simple. Visitors to our site need to only click once to begin browsing our more than 22,000 courses, and can purchase seats directly from within our marketplace.

In addition to our on-site buying options, OpenSesame provides several flexible purchasing programs ideal for the enterprise or small-to-medium business. In conversations with our customers, we’ve found this an invaluable feature of our business that allows them to maximize their training budgets. Yet, we haven’t done a very good job highlighting this feature for new visitors to our site…till now.

It it with great pleasure I introduce you to our new “How To Buy” guide.

To begin, simply click the “How to Buy” option in the upper navigation bar. You will then see a screen with several options asking you to define your business need.

how to buy guide

Of course, you are welcome to browse all the options. If you are unsure of where you fit or need additional help choosing the best option for your business, feel free to contact us.

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Once you click the “Learn More” button below any of the options, you will be provided with the purchasing programs we feel best suit that particular business size. Each program has information on how it works, as well as an option to get started on a particular program.

OpenSesame Plus

In addition to information on each purchasing program, we also provide guidance on how courses can be launched once purchased. Chose “I have an LMS” if your company already has a learning management system, or “No LMS” to learn how OpenSesame’s CourseCloud™ can help invite users to courses and track progress.




Buying elearning courses shouldn’t require long-term commitments and weeks and weeks of negotiations. Our “How to Buy” guide seeks to provide as much transparency as possible around our programs and how they can benefit your business.

We’d love your feedback! Let us know what you think about the new guide and if it helped you select a program.