Three Technology Trends for eLearning

Building a Compelling OpenSesame User Profile

OpenSesame is proud to announce updated user profiles, with many new features. I’ve created a screencast with my completed profile to provide an example of the possible features in a completed author profile, including a logo, bio, employment history, education history and links to your Twitter and LinkedIn profiles:

For sellers, the more comprehensive profiles offer you an opportunity to detail your qualifications, highlight endorsements and reviews and make your courses more appealing to customers. For buyers, the profiles enable you to make informed decisions when purchasing courses.

In addition to the biographical information, the new Endorsement function enables your customers to write recommendations of you and your work. My colleague Tom Turnbull has graciously written an endorsement in my profile to demo how the completed endorsements look. (Note that you have to be logged in as an OpenSesame user to see the enhanced profile information.)

To use this feature, when editing your profile, click on the “Request Endorsements” button to request recommendations from your customers and colleagues to display on your profile. Just one more way to persuade buyers that your courses are engaging, effective and well-received!

Applications for OpenSesame Profiles

If you are an elearning author, course developer or subject matter expert, the OpenSesame seller profile will create a strong presence in our elearning marketplace. It will function as a central portfolio, consolidating information about you with a list of courses you have added to the OpenSesame marketplace. Furthermore, by completing your profile with links back to your home page, you are improving your site’s search engine optimization.

In the near future, we’ll be adding more fun, lively and attractive features to the profile page, including achievement badges, a Twitter widget and full HTML support for the bio block.

We believe these more detailed user profiles will enable us to meet our goal of connecting the buyers and sellers in our elearning marketplace. If you sell elearning courses, we make it easy for you to connect with new customers. If you buy elearning courses, we make it easy for you find everything you need, all in one place.

Get started by registering, completing your profile and uploading your courses. We’re ready to support you through email, Twitter, live chat or Skype (kelly.meeker3) if you have questions.