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Cheatsheet: Three Action Items from the Bersin Prediction Report

Research reports are great. In-depth analysis, thoughtful dissection of emerging trends, nuggets of wisdom for the future. But, they have one downside. They’re long, and you’re busy. But I’m here to help you out, with all you need to know for your next elearning cocktail party.

Bersin & Associates, leading analysts in the talent management, leadership and learning technology sector, just released an excellent new report: “Strategic Human Resources and Talent Management: Predictions for 2012”. As usual, Josh Bersin sorts through the news, announcements, press releases and industry chatter to identify the most important developments in the training and talent management sectors.

I’ve created a quick cheat sheet gathering together the tidbits that stood out to me:

  • The learning buzzwords haven’t changed. Games, mobile, video and social are the themes of every conference, conversation and blog post in the learning and development sector, and for good reason! Certainly, fostering social learning in enterprise environments improves the flow of knowledge, encourages sharing and makes organizations more nimble. But you can’t just tell everyone to use Twitter and call it a day: Companies and learning developers are struggling with how to implement these concepts without gimmickiness. Companies are experimenting and working through the growing pains with these new technologies and concepts, and calling on consultants as well to help them design a learning strategy.

    Action item: See our presentation on emerging tech for elearning, which explores these trends.

  • Focus on boosting engagement. Companies understand that investing in their existing workforce will boost productivity and reduce costs of workforce turnover in the long term. As a result, talent managers are focusing on how to improve the sense of connection to the organization’s identity or mission, as well as employee satisfaction generally.

    Action item: Talent managers and learning & development professionals should focus on how they can promote employee engagement.

  • Consolidation and integration. Organizations are tired of managing ten different divisions (and thus ten different software platforms) in the HR department alone: From talent management to benefits to recruiting. Companies are focusing on building talent managers who take a holistic approach, focusing on improving employees’ skills. As a result of increased integration, customers want all-in-one software solutions that include features for all of their needs. And they want single sign-on, so that their employees don’t need to remember piles of usernames and passwords! As a result, large software companies like Salesforce and Taleo are gobbling up smaller ones that provide the niche services customers demand. Industry consolidation was a major theme in 2011 and will likely continue in 2012. 

    Action item: Look for opportunities to consolidate different software platforms, job functions and processes within your human resources and training departments. 

Image credit: miggslives on Flickr