Company Growing? Meet Challenges Head On!

If your company is growing, chances are things are changing, and fast! Keeping up with the changing needs of your company can be a challenge, especially if you’re expanding internationally or hiring remote workers. eLearning can be a great tool for easing the transition and getting everyone on the same page. This week’s featured courses cover remote and distributed teams, international business, and keeping proper ergonomics no matter where you’re located! 
Don’t wait—get ahead and get started today! 
No matter your work environment, whether you sit or stand, work in a home office, cubicle, or construction site, proper ergonomics is crucial for comfort and preventing injury. Learn to identify and eliminate ergonomic risks in any work situation, inside the office and out!
Is your company international? Growing and sustaining performance in an international organization can be challenging. This course addresses market analysis, exporting, sourcing, direct foreign investment, cross-cultural management, and more. Snag this course for 50% off through December 24th (discount will show at checkout).
If your team includes remote members, there are steps to be taken to deal with the special challenges of a distributed workforce. This course provides workers with the knowledge, tools, skills, and resources to transition from a traditional workplace to a highly mobile, independent environment.