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Competency Mapping and the Power of the eLearning List

How do you get your team from point A to point B? Give them too much information and they’ll become overwhelmed. Give them too little and they won’t be sufficiently prepared to do their job.

In a world where “content is king”, curation is a necessity for teams to stay on track and avoid being bogged down by irrelevant details. eLearning programs are no different. With so many online courses to choose from, it can be difficult to choose the right set of courses for your elearning solutions.

Alternatively, if you’re trapped in a subscription contract, you’re limited to one seller and one set of courses – unable to pick and choose the right content for your team.

This is why OpenSesame offers competency mapping services to all of our clients. Simply send us a list of your target competencies, and we’ll work with you to create a bundle of courses to help your team build the skills they need to be effective on the job.

With OpenSesame’s open marketplace, you’re not limited to just one course author. You can select the best-of-breed author for every topic – mixing and matching the courses and authors you prefer.

Short on time? If you want us to do the picking and choosing, we’ll start with your needs assessment and create a curated selection of courses to support your organization’s key competencies.

As you move forward with online training for your team, we’re always available to modify and expand your training curriculum with the latest courses and best content.

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