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Course of Week: Achieving Productivity

Do you ever have days where you stare blankly at a computer screen for hours and never feel like you got anything done? We’ve all been there. Sometimes it feels as if no matter how much time you spend preparing a presentation, writing an email, or sorting through data, you are never going to get it done. You’ve read every “how to improve productivity” article you’ve come across with no results. Luckily there are many overlooked ways to improve productivity, decrease inefficiency, manage your time, and become a better employee. If you’re looking for ways to escape that unproductive rut, or if you’ve ever been stuck in one before (which we know you have, because we have too), this week’s featured courses are for you!

This week’s featured courses are just a few in OpenSesame’s extensive library on improving your business skills. So jump in, try them out! When you complete these courses you’ll be a more effective and efficient employee than ever before.

By: PeopleTonic

Mastering time management is difficult but necessary. This course doesn’t just give you another list of internet-bred time management strategies; instead you will understand the psychology behind the way you approach tasks, redesign the way you work to improve productivity, and use psychological techniques to improve your thinking process and efficiency. By the end of this course you will not only have the time management skills to get more out of your workday, but will also be better prepared to handle deadlines and feel more confident in your ability to conquer your workload. Discover how to be more productive in the workplace today!


By: TypingMaster

Have you ever seen an office without a computer? Do you know anyone in business who doesn’t type? Inaccurate, slow typing can lose you clients and time. Avoid falling behind! Improve your typing speed, confidence, and accuracy quickly and easily with this course by TypingMaster! Featuring more than 4 hours of keyboard practice and lessons, this course will help you keep your typing up to par and your efficiency better than ever. Learning to type faster and reducing the need for rereading and editing will lead to immediate productivity improvement.


By: FranklinCovey

Change your attitude, change your life. This is a cliche you’ve probably heard a thousand times that can leave you wondering “how can I change my attitude?” If you’ve ever wondered how you could possibly live by this cliche, you’ve come to the right place. This course by FranklinCovey will teach you how to take on more responsibility, be a better employee, and work harder and faster by taking a proactive outlook on your life. Changing how you think and adapt to difficult situations makes it easier for you to work through the hard times. Change and stress can set your work back, but being proactive will make staying productive easier than ever.


Bonus Deal! 

For a limited time only Clive Lewis’ courses Speed Reading and Mind Mapping are on sale for only $10! Improving yourself in the workplace will come quicker and easier than ever with the help of these two courses! After these short, 90 minute episodes you will find yourself revolutionizing the way you think and becoming a more efficient and effective business person than ever before. You will learn how to speed read and the secrets to creating a mind map. These speed reading techniques and mind mapping strategies are proven to help revolutionize the way you work. Go out into the world and get stuff done. With a little bit of help from these elearning courses, you can be the most productive you have ever been! Between your existing genius and a little push from these courses, you will produce better work, faster.

Image: Sebastien Wiertz via flickr