nurse helping elderly patient

Course of the Week: Certified Nursing Assistant Bundle

The nursing field is growing faster than most other professions here in the U.S. As shown in our Nursing 2013 Facts infographic, the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics projects registered nurse (RN) positions to grow by 26% by 2020, as well as Licensed practical nurse (LPN) and vocational nurse (VN) positions are predicted to increase by 22%. The highest demand, however, is for Certified Nursing Assistants.

This week’s “CNA-Certified Nursing Assistant Bundle” includes 20 courses on a number of topics including communicating with patients, assisting patients to move, preventing injuries and more, for only $9.00 per user. Courses included:

These bite size courses will ensure learners are prepared to treat a diverse range of people, while maintaining respectful communication and the dignity of the patient. Take advantage of our Course of the Week deal, 80% off through October 8th, and register for OpenSesame today.