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Course of the Week: Harassment and Diversity

Reducing and eliminating harassment and discrimination in the workplace is important for any company. Lawsuits can be costly, hurting your financial bottom line and your company’s reputation. Whether employee or manager, we can all benefit from a more harmonious, accepting workplace.

This week’s ‘Course of the Week’ offering from Kantola Productions helps your company comply with legal requirements and gain a deeper understanding of diversity. The courses included in the bundle go beyond sexual harassment to cover other topics such as race, age, religion, disability, and other characteristics which may make someone a target for discrimination. This week only, enjoy 70% savings on the Harassment and Diversity Bundle with over 2 hours of training including these courses:

After completing the bundle, both employees and managers will have a better understanding of sexual harassment by learning what qualifies as harassment and how to respond to and report a problem. Learners will also be able to identify their role in maintaining a harassment-free office and to identify behaviors which may be interpreted as offensive.

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