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Course of the Week Highlight: Diversity, Digital Photography, and More!

Happy Wednesday! Hope you’re having as nice a day as we are here in Portland (warm, no rain, sunny skies!). We’re excited to share this week’s featured courses with you—quite an interesting spread from a couple newer sellers and a long-time customer favorite. Whether you’re looking to move from selfies to more advanced photography or become a business analyst (or both!), this week’s courses have you covered! 

Encourage Diversity in Your Workplace

By: ej4
Educate and inspire your employees with this diversity training bundle! These courses from popular seller ej4 teach your employees to effectively and respectfully engage with everyone in your workplace. Encourage your staff to keep an open mind and understand diverse viewpoints. The bundle includes: The Diversity Continuum, The New Melting Pot, The Power of Engagement, and The Power of Inclusion. Save 50%—get this great bundle for $5 through April 15. 

Prepare for CBAP Certification

This IIBA endorsed course from is a great way for you or your staff to study for the Certified Business Analysis Professional certification exams. Perfect for both entry level and experienced analysts looking to apply business analysis and prepare for certification exams. Learn the practical skills of how and when to apply core analysis techniques at work. There are IIBA 24 PD Hours/CDUs associated with successful course completion. Get ready for the CBAP exams for $68 (70% savings) through April 15. 

Learn Digital Photography Basics

This three-part course is the perfect beginner digital photography tutorial. Ditch automatic settings and learn to take manual control of your camera. You’ll learn settings: what they do and how they can be used creatively to produce the images you want. Improve your digital photography with this mobile-ready course for 50% off—$12.11 through April 15.

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