Course of the Week Highlight: Dress Code Etiquette, OSHA, and More!

Need info about appropriate office attire, OSHA, or customer service? Our course of the week deals have you covered! This week, you’ll find great savings in the business skills, compliance & safety, and industry specific (construction, medical, restaurants, etc) categories. Don’t miss out on these awesome deals, available now through February 4th!

Business Skills

Coach employees on appropriate office attire with this humorous course. The 75-minute course covers this sometimes sensitive subject in a fun, disarming way without lecturing to your staff. Employees will learn the basics of business professional, business casual, and why sweatpants don’t actually count as real clothes. Perfect for new employee training or as a refresher for current employees; get this course for only $10 through February 4.

Compliance & Safety

Equipe entry-level construction workers with critical knowledge through this course. You’ll learn the basics about what topics fall under OSHA’s umbrella, how OSHA operates to protect both workers and employers, and how you personally can benefit from knowing OSHA’s standards. Employees will learn the basics on such topics as: electrical safety, scaffolds, cranes, personal protective equipment, fall protection and more—all for only $55.

Industry Specific (Construction, Medical, Restaurants, etc)

Win customer trust with this customer service course designed for bank tellers by Brad Worthley. Tellers will be instructed in the type of questions to ask to get to the root of customer concerns in order to better address their needs. Additionally, learners will develop a personal action plan to track progress. Purchase this course for your employees for only $5.80/user through February 4. All deals run through February 4th, so get started today! Discounts will show up at checkout.

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