Course of the Week Highlight: Drug/Alcohol Free Workplace Policies and Leadership Skills

We’re officially into April, and things are getting greener by the day (at least here in Portland!). Start your month off right with big savings from business skills and compliance categories. This week’s deals cover leadership skills and and keeping your workplace drug and alcohol free.

Business Skills

This course will teach you about various forms of power, as well as organizational leadership and the right way to use it! Help your managers become true leaders and set an example for the rest of your team. Plan, evaluate, and solve problems while also delegating and sharing responsibilities. Master ethics and emotional intelligence. Become a better leader for 60% off, only $19.60, through April 8. Help your managers become mentors—empower and motivate your team!


By: Vivid

Identify substance abuse in the workplace, and empower your employees to report issues and get help for themselves. Reduce the financial & personnel cost of injury and lost work time due to substance abuse. Educate your employees for 30% off, only $8.40/learner, through April 8. Don’t wait for an incident to occur; prevent substance abuse in your workplace today.

All deals run through April 8. Discounts will show up at checkout.

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