Course of the Week Highlight: Effective Communication—From Powerful Public Speaking to Protecting Yourself Against Harassment

We’ve all had that moment where we feel incompetent in the workplace, in a relationship, or when interacting with peers. Tools for empowered communication can be extremely helpful in these situations. Training courses can be useful for developing these characteristics and achieving proficiency. Whether presenting a project idea, public speaking, or dealing with harassment or other challenging situations, the following elearning courses are a great way to learn the tricks of individuals who communicate effectively.

By Kantola Productions

Sexual harassment is unfortunately more common in the workplace than we would hope. Learn to feel empowered if you encounter sexual harassment in this two-hour course from Kantola Productions. Through video clips and audio narration, you will witness potential workplace scenarios regarding sexual harassment and work through possible solutions. This training course is required in California and meets AB 1825 requirements. Specifically for managers, it provides a comprehensive overview of potential actions that count as sexual harassment, how to deal with these situations when they arise, and focuses on how managers can set positive examples and deal with these situations if they arise. Upon completion, you will be knowledgeable about harassment and feel armed to deal with such situations including protecting victims and maintaining a harassment-free workplace.


By: Deliverers 

Have you ever felt nervous or unprepared when speaking to a group? Meet Dr. Martin Smith and a cast of helpful trainers who lead him through exercises to dramatically improve his speech-giving skills. You will learn useful techniques that can develop your own public speaking skills to effectively communicate your ideas and proposals. This 26-minute video from DTV is entertaining and informative and is great for any employee, project-manager, salesperson, or science, technology, or medical professional. Take your public speaking skills to new heights and feel empowered to give a great presentation.


By: WIN Sales and Marketing Programs

Powerful presentations are essential to effectively communicating ideas and getting clients or colleagues on board with your ideas. This 48-minute course from Win Sales and Marketing introduces the qualities of a great presenter, how to structure and plan a presentation, and how to deliver an optimized presentation. The training platform includes audio narration and quizzes, which demonstrate tools for delivering a powerful presentation. Take your communication skills to the next level with this training course full of powerful ideas.


This week’s course of the week highlight provides excellent resources for making decisions, following through with actions, and communicating with a variety of audiences. From dealing with sexual harassment to giving a wonderful presentation, these courses will help you master effective communication.