Course of the Week Highlight: Enhance Your Technical Skill Set

Nothing is more important than staying updated in our data-driven, constantly evolving world. Just like the software installed in our computer, our skills become less effective and even obsolete over time. We need to absorb and learn new information every day in order to maintain our effectiveness in the long term.

Due to the rapid rate at which technology is changing, continuous learning is especially relevant for employees involved in fields related to information technology, social media, and computer science. Fortunately, OpenSesame offers a variety of courses about programming, web development, IT support, social media, and database management that will keep you up to date on your skills and competitive in the workplace. Be sure to check out these select four courses below to hone your technical skill set and stay current!

ITIL Foundation Certification Program PLUS Exam Preparation Program

By: The Art of Service

The ITIL Foundation Certification is one of the most prominent certifications for professionals interested in IT service management. The ITIL framework is consistently utilized to examine, analyze, and improve the nature of IT service organization within a business. The accreditation exam covers multiple important topics such as service design and strategy, the service lifestyle, and problem management.

The ITIL Foundation Certification Program PLUS Exam Preparation Program includes over 23 hours of comprehensive video content to prepare you for the accreditation exam. Pre-assessments will enable you to determine your initial level of understanding and inline quizzes will allow you to validate your newfound knowledge and training. By the end of course, you should be well versed in IT service management and be able to pass the ITIL Foundation exam with ease!


iPhone App Visual Design Course

By: Jen Gordon

With smartphones becoming more and more popular, the app market is booming and worldwide app revenue is predicted to exceed $20 billion dollars in the next few years. Creating and selling iPhone apps is not only profitable, but also quite enjoyable and rewarding for people who love to create things!

The vast majority of iPhone apps are unable to gain a following in the app market. What is the primary culprit for these failures? Though there are many different causes that can contribute an app’s failure, poor app design is one of the most common reasons.

App design is essential for building a strong framework for an app. In the iPhone App Visual Design course, you will learn how to properly construct an app prototype, create visually appealing app images and layouts, apply common iOS design elements, and above all create an app that creates an exceptional experience for users!


Learn Windows 8

By: Simon Sez IT

Almost everyone has heard about about the latest Windows operating system, Windows 8. The Windows 8 OS was one of the first operating systems specifically designed with tablets and mobile devices in mind.The latest version of Windows 8 includes a variety of new features such as a new tile-oriented Start screen, a platform for users to develop apps, and a Windows Store to download and use new software.

Unfortunately due to the complexity of the system and the number of new features of introduced, very few people know how to truly use and take advantage of all of Windows 8’s features. Fortunately, the Learning Windows 8 course is perfect for users unfamiliar with the new Windows 8 system or those who would like to brush up their knowledge. By the end of the course you will be able to easily navigate common Windows applications, edit user accounts, and troubleshoot basic problems. If you’re struggling with Windows 8, don’t hesitate to check out the Learning Windows 8 course today!


Bonus Deal: Learn SQL in 6 Days

By: John Anthony

What is SQL? SQL, also known as Structured Query Language, is a programming language primarily used in the operation of databases. Databases are primarily used in the collection and the examination of essential data and information.

Databases have become increasingly important due to the utilization of “big data.” By collecting data, companies are able to more easily and accurately pinpoint, predict, and meet the needs of its current customers and market.

The Learn SQL in 6 days course is an excellent way to become familiar with the fundamentals of databases. Through the course, you will learn to manipulate data within databases by retrieving data, building sub-totals, and managing functions. The information you will learn in this course is especially advantageous for technology professionals, especially those with a strong interest in information science.

For a short time, the Learn SQL in 6 Days course in on sale for $35 at OpenSesame! Data drives the world, so get your training in SQL today!