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Course of the Week Highlight: HIPAA, HTML5, and more!

We’re back with another round of great elearning deals for you this week! You’ll find savings on tech & software, compliance & safety, business skills, and industry specific (construction, medical, restaurants, etc) courses. This week’s deals include savings on interview skills, HTML5, HIPAA compliance, and more! 

Business Skills

Nail every interview, no matter what side of the table you sit on. These engaging courses are shot in an over-the-top cop-style drama, ensuring both a fun and educational experience. The bundle covers how to interview and evaluate candidates, salvage an interview that has gone off the rails, and how to negotiate—all for only $7

Compliance & Safety

Simple education on handwashing and hygiene can prevent your office from falling prey to the flu virus this season. This course is a steal year-round at $6/user, and covers everything from proper hand washing techniques, to the dangers of food borne illnesses, types of food contamination, and the role hygiene plays in preventing illness. 

Tech & Software

Ready to move beyond the basics? Webucator lets you dig into HTML5 with these 201-level courses. The 15-hour bundle includes courses on the new structural, semantic, and form tags, as well as how to use Canvas to create drawings directly in the browser. Throughout the course, you’ll learn about the current state of browser support for HTML5 and the theory behind all the changes that have been made. Expand your HTML knowledge for only $29.97, now through January 21. 

Industry Specific (Construction, Medical, Restaurants, etc)

An active flu season is all the more reason to refresh your healthcare staff (RNs and other healthcare professionals) on HIPAA law and how it applies to patient privacy. This 30-minute course discusses the elements of the privacy rule as it applies in a healthcare environment—only $4.50/user through January 21.
All deals run through January 21st, so get started today! Discounts will show up at checkout.

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